Added: 21.08.2019

Illusion in Warsaw

During one of the family expeditions, I asked myself: what to do in Warsaw? It is here that I spend the most time, raising children and looking for places ideal for the whole family, going out with friends, or team-building meeting. Are there any unusual places in Warsaw? Can I surprise my loved ones and colleagues with something else?



World of Illusion in Warsaw

Inspired by the world around, I decided to create a venue that was not present in Warsaw. A place that is full of joy, colors, and riddles. A place for everyone, because curiosity is for all ages. I am a living example of this. And so, a great passion for fun and learning was born in the heart of the Old Town Square – the World of Illusion Museum.


World of Illusion – fun and science


With great joy and excitement, I present to you an educational and entertainment space unlike any other. The World of Illusion in Warsaw has over 60 interactive attractions: mirror rooms, shadow chamber, Einstein’s gallery, space tunnel and many other surprises from the world of optical illusion. Since November 2018, we have been welcoming you with indescribable satisfaction and we would like to thank you for your devotion, support, and inspiration you provide to us every day. We created another dimension of entertainment in Warsaw and you gave it a spirit of good energy! See you later!

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